Our Vision



Lives unencumbered by depression and anxiety.

unencumbered [uhn-en-kuhm-berd]


1. not impeded or slowed down 

2. free to move, advance, or go forward

3. not burdened or weighed down


To pioneer a responsive, attentive treatment process for depression and anxiety.

This new process will provide higher treatment effectiveness through:

  • Accessible, advocate-managed care that is comprehensive and streamlined. 

  • Treatment plans that are individualized and responsibly assessed.

  • Dedicated centers that provide sufferers and caregivers with safe spaces for support, healing, and learning.

  • Community outreach and education to help heal lives, fight stigma, and reduce costs to sufferers, families, employers, and communities.

Where there is no vision, there is no hope.

          - George Washington Carver

Our Company


Lives Unencumbered, Inc. (LU) is a benefit corporation, a for-profit corporation with a commitment to creating positive social outcomes in addition to generating a profit. LU’s business structure is one that allows it to thrive in a competitive environment. We, at LU, are focused on accountability and transparency to our shareholders, consumers, and the communities in which we will reside.  


Officially formed in 2019, LU has been in-concept for years as its founders suffered with depression and anxiety and struggled to navigate treatment in a flawed mental health system.  


We are passionate about developing a new treatment process. This treatment process will give people access to patient advocates, holistic care that crosses disciplines, and support services for sufferers, families, friends, employers, and healthcare providers. We are implementing a three-phased plan to create this new process and make it available to people and communities everywhere through stand-alone centers offering comprehensive resources for everyone impacted by anxiety and depression.

Read more about the new path for treating depression and anxiety and what makes us different.


Our Team

We are a team well-acquainted with depression and anxiety. We are committed to combining our unique professional skills with our personal experiences to create a new, effective treatment process that is accessible for all sufferers. 




Melissa Grant, Founder

I have first hand experience as a treatment-resistant depressed person. I have spent 20+ years dealing with this disease--being overwhelmed and isolated by it, alone with it, and depleted of resources and options because of it. I want to give sufferers centralized access to the painstaking experiences, discoveries, and research I have amassed as a result of the insufficiencies in the current treatment model for depression and anxiety.  

Putting together all of the pieces of our system in order to end these insufficiencies is radical--this approach does not exist anywhere else. Enabling access to world-class research, involving a patient advocate, and providing a community for sufferers is truly revolutionary.


  • Strategic Investments and Corporate Development, Deloitte 

  • Strategic Projects, Global Operations, Deloitte 

  • Equity Analyst, UBS 

  • Strategy Consulting, Cicero Group 

  • University of Rochester, MBA

Amanda Olson, Co-Founder

I have suffered with undiagnosed anxiety for decades, it finally becoming disabling after childbirth. Hormone therapy helped me substantially, but since my medical provider retired twelve years ago, I have been unable to find someone willing to address my needs with a similar, holistic vision.


My depression has gone untreated for many stretches because of lacking insurance, income, access to providers, and sheer mental overwhelm. This shouldn’t happen. The suffering of depression and anxiety does not need to be exacerbated because solutions rely on a sufferer's capacity or support network. It’s long past time to change this approach and to provide patients with treatment that is obvious and available.


  • Reporter, In-Depth and Investigative Team, Deseret News

  • Adjunct Faculty of Writing: Northeastern University, Brigham Young University, University of Maryland at College Park

  • Brigham Young University, MA English

Amanda Haslam Wirtz, Co-Founder

Depression has been a frequent visitor to my adult life but I've always been able to work through the symptoms because they were situational or related to injuries. However, when I faced postpartum depression, my symptoms were more consuming and lasting than I had ever experienced and I felt, amongst other important things, that I lost the person I had once known so well: me. I sought unsuccessfully for a solution that would be  all encompassing in my diagnosis and treatment.

Lives Unencumbered's approach to diagnosing each patient includes that holistic piece I was missing in my own care. Treatment for depression and anxiety is complicated because putting the proper plan in place requires an individualized and collaborative overview that just doesn't exist. It requires a multidimensional evaluation by experts who can look at every component (physical and mental), to understand what a patient is experiencing and what is going to successfully alleviate their suffering.


  • Higher Education Administrator, Claremont Colleges, University of Redlands

  • Human Resources Specialist, Google, Inc. 

  • Social Impact Consulting, Cicero Group

  • Harvard University, EdM, Human Development & Psychology



Our Partners

University Neuropsychiatric Institute

Lives Unencumbered (LU) is working in collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Utah and the University Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI). UNI is a highly ranked psychiatric hospital and behavioral health facility. They offer patient-centered care to treat all aspects of biological, psychological, social, and spiritual elements essential to achieving balance in brain health. Two of the areas in which they specialize are depression and anxiety. LU’s relationship with the Department of Psychiatry allows us access to their world-class health clinical and research specialists and staff.

Cicero Group

Cicero is a data-driven strategy consulting firm with a dedicated Social Impact practice. Cicero combines strategic perspective and analytic capabilities to assist mission-driven organizations in pursuit of making a real and lasting difference in the world. Working with Cicero ensures that the Lives Unencumbered model is viable, effective, well planned, and implementable.

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