How You Can Help Create a New Path to Treat Depression and Anxiety

We at Lives Unencumbered have some pretty strong beliefs about treating depression and anxiety.

We believe the current treatment model for depression and anxiety is flawed, putting a heavy burden on sufferers, and that it can be improved to be more responsive and holistic.

We believe every sufferer and caregiver deserves an advocate and a community where they can offer one another resources and reinforcement.

We believe there is hope for living a life freed from the burdens and stigma of depression and anxiety.

And we believe it’s time to make these beliefs a reality.

This May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and LU is challenging at least one million people to give at least $1 to support depression and anxiety sufferers.

ONE month. ONE million people. ONE dollar or more.

Back our project now!

By adding your voice to the growing chorus of people who acknowledge there are #noexceptions to who is affected by depression and anxiety, you help make the vision of Lives Unencumbered by Depression and Anxiety more than just a belief.

We need your voice.

Are you ready to #fightthestigma associated with depression and anxiety by speaking truth with support instead of shame? Have you suffered the isolation of depression and anxiety? Are you trying to help someone else through it? Do you believe that depression and anxiety needs to be treated consistently, individually, and with dedicated assistance?

Please join us. One month. At least one dollar. At least one million voices.

We can do this. Let’s make treating depression and anxiety better for everyone, #noexceptions.

Support us here!

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